Obamacare has the federal judiciary at a crossroads. Do they uphold the law or let the executive rewrite it? Incredibly, two circuits split.
Sometime in the next week, this Politicollision will be going offline and another, improved version, will take its place.

The reason for the move is simple. The software company which develops and writes the software that I am running now, provides piss-poor support. They love it when I spend the money, bit fall short on their promises of tech support.

Never again, as a paying customer, will I submit a problem about software to be told there's no problem, that it must be my fault.

The final straw was when I upgraded the software, last time around, and it was discovered that we had no working private messaging, which prevented me from communicating with the PC staff.

When I complained, after my monetary investment to upgrade, I was ignored, even chastised.

If you ever decide to run a website... Avoid PLIGG CMS.

The new site is run on Word Press. It has a better look and feel to it.

However, it is still a work in progress and I am on a shoestring budget. I will be improving over time. But, there is a basic site in place. It will only get better.

Please note...

Some of you already have accounts set up at the new site for the purposes of input and test driving. Those of you who do not have accounts will need to register a news account, when the new site replaces this one,

Please bring along your favorite avatars. Keep in mind that your full history will be reset to start anew. All submission and comments made in the past will be lost. This is unavoidable.

I thank your for your patience and understanding.


Israel at last invaded Gaza, after two failed cease-fire agreements. So ends a thirteen-year interval fraught with irony and pseudo-war.
Apollo 11 launched exactly 45 years ago today. Today we look back on a project some rate as a wonder of the world. Can we do it again?
McDaniel ripped into Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, who he blamed for preventing members of his campaign from inspecting voting records in the "majority" of Mississippi counties.

"We have found over 8,300 questionable ballots cast, many of which were unquestionably cast by voters ineligible to participate..."
Do some of our fellow Americans vote as they do, because they covet the property of others and want the government to steal it for them?
Sunday Funnies
The Republic of Israel, incredibly, stays in limbo about whether to answer more than ample provocation from its modern Philistines for war.
This is the latest in a series of monthly reports by our British correspondent JP on the progress of worldwide Islamization, as represented by the building of mosques, and activities associated with mosques.
(Washington, D.C.) – I’m sorry to report there is no evidence the rocket war is letting up. To the contrary, the rockets are still flying, and Israel is clearly preparing to invade Gaza. So please keep praying for things to calm down, and praying for the Lord to comfort and protect Israelis and Palestinians.

I don’t pretend to understand completely the motives of Abbas and his government. And I’m not saying Netanyahu and his government are saints and doing everything right. But I am praying for all of them anyway. I am praying the Lord bless and show mercy to the Palestinian people, as well as to the Israelis. I am praying the Lord draws people on both sides to Himself, and I’m praying for pastors and Christian leaders on both sides to be strong and brave and to have wisdom to know how to bless their people with Christ’s mercy and unconditional love.
Obama planned the Obama alien invasion, perhaps even to the effects we now see. The public reaction embarrasses him, but only for now.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has set up a terrorist state in Iraq and Syria. He changed the name of the terrorist organization, ISIS, to Islamic State, or IS. Lt. Col. Peters explains why ISIS chopped off the second IS, which is because the caliphate wants to be a Universal Caliphate and not just about Iraq and Syria.

Ralph Peters is warning us to take Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (who now wants to be referred to as Caliph Ibrahim) seriously. This terrorist is more brutal than Bin Laden. al-Qaeda broke off ties with ISIS about a year ago because ISIS, now IS, was so brutal, even to other Muslims.

July 7, 2014 ~ Sean Hannity

Guest: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (RET), Fox News Strategic Analyst