Kos Diarist Gets ObamaCare Bill: 'What the Hell Kind of Reform Is This?'

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  1. USMC_VET 189 days ago Permalink

    It's pretty hard to give much credit those in government who would, under the threat of an already crushing debt, decide it's high time to spend as much as it takes to give EVERYONE health insurance - and then insist it will all turn out fine because, well, ponies and rainbows.

  2. tyler 180 days ago Permalink

    The low information kids will be shocked by reality, soon.

  3. harold4321 178 days ago Permalink

    If they qualify, they might get some government assistance. At what price. What kind of rights do you lose for this kind of assistance? The government doesn't give out anything for free with out some sort of strings attached.

  4. cajungal 166 days ago Permalink

    Wow, this person still doesn't get it! He thinks just because he refuses to get Obamacare, he can just say that he won't pay the penalty? Sorry buddy, they will take it from you one way or another. They will take it from you with the IRS. There is no escaping the IRS thugs. You will pay the penalty and not have insurance either. This is a diabolical plan but it is perfect if you are trying to overthrow a once free people.

  5. grannysright 164 days ago Permalink

    Makes you want to cry. Those with insurance are losing it and those without it can't get on the website. How many people will the Democrats kill from this before people can have insurance again?

  6. Fender Stratocaster 163 days ago Permalink

    "...How many people will the Democrats kill from this..."

    A good indication is to just count how many babies Democrats have killed since Roe v. Wade. There, you will find your answer.

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